Get Prequalified


If you don’t have a dependable car dealership to guide you through the process, buying a car can be a complicated and time-consuming nightmare. TOP GEARS MOTOR, located at 1909 Cherry Rd., Rock Hill, South Carolina 29732, wants our customers to rejoice on the day they finance a pre-owned car from us because it marks the start of a new chapter in their lives. As a result, we see it as our responsibility to bear the complexities of the process and streamline it so that you can go from shopping to driving as quickly as possible.

Get Pre-Qualified for a Car Loan in Rock Hill by Filling Out the Form

Getting pre-approved for credit is the first step in getting a loan for your next vehicle in the South Carolina area. While that may sound like a powered phrase, getting pre-approved is simple and will not harm you in any way. Fill out our secure form, and you’ll get a response in seconds. It is critical to note that the pre-approval process has no negative impact on your credit score. So, even if you don’t get the answer you’re looking for, you haven’t lost anything for trying.

Financing your vehicle with Top Gears Motor

Top Gears Motor has assisted customers in the South Carolina area in getting behind the wheel of their next car, allowing them to get where they need to go. Our connections with the lenders provide us with the widest range of options to offer our customers, which means you’ll have a loan you can be confident in. Fill out the form above for more details or call us at (980) 777-9797 for faster transactions.